Bad Ass Brownies

Bad Ass Brownies

from 14.00

We have huge range of brownies to make your chocolate dreams come true! Gooey, chewy and delicious, our brownies come in big trays- perfect for parties, birthdays, or your own set of treats in the fridge.

Choose your favourite from these flavour options:

Slumber Party - Salted caramel (our best seller).
Nutty Professor - Mixed nuts and caramel.
The Animal - Baked with Oreos, topped with marshmallows, fudge pieces, chunks of milk chocolate & chocolate crispies.
Show Stopper - Swirled with crunchy peanut butter.
Montego Bay - Rum & Raisin, the perfect Saturday night partner.
Bad Ass Munchy - Fudge pieces, chunks of milk chocolate and chocolate M & M's.
The Bishop's Blonde - A blondie with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.
Kiss my Coconut - Blondie baked with sweetened American shredded coconut.
Gluten Free Brownie - Delicious brownies suitable for the lactose and gluten-free customer.
Ultimate Vegan Brownie - Gooey, rich and creamy option free from dairy and eggs.

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