Our award winning Jamaican Rum Cake

In a way that’s perfect for you

The Heritage Collection


Our award-winning Jamaican Rum Cake family recipe that has been passed down through 3 generations.

At Bad Ass Cakes we wanted to pay homage to our ancestors by creating the best collections from the original recipe.

The Heritage Collection represents the decadent original recipe, with a light, aromatic cake that packs a punch with generous pourings of overproof Jamaican rum.

It is available in the following sizes plain or topped with marzipan and/or fondant as it used to be.

  • 7”

  • 8”

  • 9”

  • 10”

The 3rd Generation Collection

After years of following the traditional family recipe, we decided to put a new, innovative spin on the Jamaican Rum Cake. This gem of an idea won us a Great Taste award.
If there’s one thing that years of baking and tasting has taught us, it’s that rum and chocolate go perfectly together. This decadent 3rd Generation Collection comes topped with smooth chocolate ganache and is available in the following sizes.

  • 7”

  • 8”

  • 9”

  • 10”


The Legacy Collection

After years of selling our award-winning rum cakes, and countless people requesting the recipe, we decided to create The Legacy Collection. These kits allow you to bake your own mouth-watering rum cake at home, and to fill your kitchen with aromatic spices and fruity aromas reminding you of the Caribbean. Our kits also make a wonderful thoughtful gift and are available in the following editions.

  • 8” Jamaican Rum Cake

  • 8” Jamaican Ginger


The Speciality Collection

The Jamaican Rum Cake is all about sharing good times, love and irresistible baking together. We think everyone should be included, which is why we also offer this decadent show-stopper in vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free editions. Please enquire should you require other sizes.

  • 6” Sugar Free

  • 7” Vegan

  • 9” Vegan

  • 7” Gluten-Free


Luxury Collection

Our love for the Jamaican Rum Cake doesn’t end there. We love to create new editions and indulge with delicious flavour combinations and presentations. Our exciting luxury collection includes:

  • 8” Nutty Gift Edition

  • 8” Fruit Topped Gift Edition

  • 8” Shredded American Coconut

  • Rum Cake & Gananche Truffles